What are Probiotics?

There are over 1000 species of bacteria that make up your microflora. That includes some that are friendly and others that aren’t so friendly. To keep your digestive system working efficiently it’s important to maintain the right balance of microflora. That’s where probiotics come into the picture.

Probiotics are most often living bacteria, but they may also be other organisms such as yeasts. When they’re ingested these micro-organisms take up residence in the lower intestines and help maintain a healthy microbial balance.


Why Do You Want Probiotics?

There are many benefits of probiotics. Taking a probiotic supplement can help counteract digestive complications that occur as we grow older, or can assist with common digestive problems like regular gas or constipation, or simply supplement a diet.

  • Populations of beneficial microflora steadily decline as we age
  • Our Western diets, especially eating too much fat, can reduce levels of beneficial microflora
  • Not eating enough fiber results in lower populations of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria
  • Eating foods and drinking different water when traveling can upset the balance

Benefits of Probiotics

When taken daily as part of a proactive approach to digestive health, probiotics have a number of benefits:

  • Help prevent occasional diarrhea*
  • Support the immune system*
  • Provide bowel support and maintain intestinal health*